I have been making bodies for mini and micro Helicopters since 2005 specializing in fuselages for Blade CX/CX2/CX3 and Lama V2/V3 models.

Most of my molds are hand carved, by me out of wood.
The bodies are vacuum formed out of Rigid Vinyl for strength and durability. Just like real helicopters though, a crash will cause damage.

I attempt to keep the weight of the bodies as light as possible. Some are actually lighter than the stock bodies.

Kits are what I specialize in but custom built models are available. See the purchase page for custom builds.

Micro and Mini Rc Helicopter
New Lower Prices
Prices have been lowered on most kits as of 10/16/09
My 4#3 bodies do fit the CB100 and 5#6

Some of the CX size bodies should fit the Quark SRB. I'm looking for a beta tester to verify sizes.
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